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Mussels, fully cooked

Mussels, fully cooked

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23 to 29 mussels per bag

Fully cooked and vacuum-sealed along with their own juices, these mussels are sand-free and de-bearded and ready to quickly add to your evening meal.

Simply reheat the mussels directly from their frozen state. Boil or steam inside the bag, or steam or sauté out of the bag. Reheat mussels for approximately 8-10 minutes and they will open just as if they had been prepared from the fresh state. Allow for about one pound of mussels per person as a main dish serving.

These farm-raised Chilean mussels are rated as 'Best Choice' for sustainable seafood by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch due to the production process and their low impact on surrounding ecosystems! They are grown in ocean waters in natural conditions that produce excellent quality mussels. This is one of very few seafood items that we carry that are NOT wild caught.